Puppy Profiling for family pet, service dog, or therapy dog selection

Golden retrievers are one of the favorite breeds of  dogs due to their gentleness, trainability, loyalty and intelligence.  These characteristics make goldens a perfect choice for not only a companion and family pet, but also for the important job of therapy or service dogs.  Retrievers are favoured for their role in these jobs due to their natural caring, gentle dispositions.

However, not every dog is created equal, and simply being part of the Golden Retriever breed doesn’t automatically mean every golden is suited for every family or the important task of service provider or therapy dogs.  The dogs in our breeding program have a head start in the screening process due to their extremely calm, friendly, confident nature.  If you are interested in obtaining a puppy with certain personality traits that matches well with your lifestyle and family, or if you require a dog to work as a therapy or service animal,  we will be able to help navigate you through your journey of finding a puppy well suited for this very important job.  We are connected with an organization called Canine Foundations, whom we can hire and will provide on site puppy profiling of the litter, helping families find a well matched puppy and assessing potential pups in the litter and assist prospective service dog clients in choosing the right pup for the right person.