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Norma-Jeanne Laurette -Founder & Chair at IPDTA – International Positive Dog Training Association Owner, Head Trainer, Author, Teacher, Lecturer at Canine Correspondence Studies Co-Owner and Founder at ACTT – Applied Canine Therapy & Training : We got golden pups at the same time from two different breeders. One was from Lesley at Glenannon Station Golden Retrievers, the other I won’t mention. We love both pups and both are thriving but the difference in breeders is huge. Lesley answered all of our questions promptly, prepared our pup for the real world through early and careful imprinting and socialization, and fed the pups a quality diet. The other breeder was difficult to communicate with, did nothing to prepare the pups for life and sent home a baggie of crap kibble. Glenannon’s pup was confident from day one and the other was not. Glenannon’s pup was strong and healthy, the other was smaller and malnourished. The difference between breeders is night and day. Lesley follows up to see how the pups are doing and welcomes updates. I contacted the other breeder with an update and he ignored me. I will always recommend Glenannon for those who want a quality, well-raised Golden Retriever pup but will never mention or contact the other breeder again.

July 2021- The Bothwell Family: Our family has waited years for the right time to have a pup join our home. When a friend recommended Glenannon Station Golden Retrievers, we immediately started to follow GSGR on social media and were in total awe of their program. Lesley and her family put so much love and work into all of their pups. Introducing the pups to various variables and stimuli, and providing our family with an abundance of knowledge, helped us prepare for our first family pet and set our sweet Bentley up for success.We brought our little guy home on July 1st, and the transition was amazing. Bentley has been so content from the beginning! He enjoyed a long car ride home, and was totally unfazed by the surrounding fireworks outside our home that weekend.Our family is forever grateful for the professionalism, compassion, and dedication of Lesley and the GSGR family. We highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a breeder who truly goes above and beyond.

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July, 2021 – The Willie/Redigonda Family: Our family is now complete with puppy kisses from Benson! Our special thanks to Lesley and her family from Glenannon Station Golden Retrievers for the amazing start they provide to all the puppies! Benson has settled in beautiful with our family and is the hit of the neighbourhood! We highly recommend glenannon station golden retrievers to anyone looking for a quality pup! We are looking forward to many years with our sweet Benson! 🐾

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July, 2021 – The Campbell Family: We adopted Dottie from Glenannon Station Retrievers about 5 weeks ago, and could not be more thrilled with her. Lesley has been very informative and kept us connected throughout the entire process. However, as strong as my recommendation is, I thought this note from my daughter, who works in veterinary medicine, would carry more weight. “I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Dottie over the past 5 weeks. And as a veterinary professional, I must admit, I have yet to see a more well-adjusted, equable, puppy. It is clear the breeders paid close attention to the key periods of puppy development, and made sure to positively expose the puppies to countless entities and stressors. I look forward to seeing the well-rounded dog she will inevitably turn into, thanks to their hard work during those early months. I was also impressed by all of the resources the breeders provided to families. The literature they sent home was not only abundant, but it was refreshing to see material consistent with veterinary behaviourists, and backed by scientific research. It is clear they care greatly about the well being and development of their dogs.”

July, 2021 – The Barrett Family : We would highly recommend Glenannon Station Golden Retrievers! The process of getting our puppy was both professional and warm. Lesley’s expertise and care with the pups made the transition of taking our puppy home enjoyable and fun!In Lesley’s care, our puppy ‘Bob’ had already been introduced to so many variables and stimuli before bringing him home. After only one week of having our pup ….Bob slept in his crate, followed a nap schedule and was happy travelling in a car. We can’t thank Lesley and her family enough for the effort and time they put into raising her Goldens. We are grateful.We would definitely recommend Glenannon Station Golden Retrievers to friends and family!

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July, 2021 – The Saunders Family: We have had Gibson for just more than a week now and he is adjusting to his new life like a champ. We feel like everything that could be done to prepare him for his new home was done with the utmost care and love. We researched breeders before we reached out and from our first contact with Lesley, we felt that Glenannon was a fantastic breeder that cared so much about setting their pups up for a successful transition. Lesley guided us through the process and equipped us with all kinds of information, as well as all the reasonings for her training and preparations to help us understand how to continue on with training. Gibson loves to meet new people and everyone comments on his calm disposition and gentle manner. We can’t recommend Lesley and Glenannon Station enough. This is a breeder that is committed to preparing these pups for their best lives with the work she does to nurture the pups and equip the families. Thank you for all you do!

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July, 2021 – The Baker Family – I can’t say enough good things about Lesley and our absolutely wonderful puppy Zoe! Lesley was easy to work with and prepared both Zoe and our family to start our new adventure together! Zoe is the calmest happiest puppy I have ever met!

December, 2020 – The Pohl Family: Where do I even start?! I spent months researching different breeds of dogs and then once we decided on a golden, spent months searching for breeders. I came across Glenannon station and felt like it was the right fit for our family, I kept doing more research and kept coming back to Glenannon Station. I sat on it for a few months and when it still felt like the right decision, I put an application in. Lesley was wonderful right off the bat. I had a bunch of questions and she was quick to provide thorough answers. We ended up getting a pup sooner than we expected but I am so glad we did. Our boy Watson is now 6 months old. He is so smart, calm, friendly, gentle and easy to train. Lesley sets her puppy families up for success. She provides a ton of information for navigating puppy behaviours and potty training. She helps set her puppies up for success and make them feel comfortable in their new homes by sending loveys that smell like their siblings and mama home with each puppy. Watson came home to us knowing his name, crate trained and potty trained. Those 3 things made such a huge difference for his transition home. Watson is such a great addition to our family and an incredible example of his breed. He loves meeting people and other dogs, he loves to play and loves to learn. We’re currently working with a trainer (more to train us lol) and each time she shows us something new, he nails it within a couple of repetitions. Even our 2 and 4yr olds can give him a command that he will follow. Watson was one of 10 puppies from Piper and Bravos first litter, he is a beautiful blend of both of them. I really can’t say enough about our experience with Lesley! When we’re ready to add another puppy to our family, we’ll be going back to Glenannon Station!

August, 2020 -The Laporte Family: Glenannon Station Golden Retrievers exceeded our expectations!!!

Not only did we get a healthy, well rounded, beautiful puppy (Ripken) but we also got Lesley, an amazing breeder who was informative, accessible and genuinely interested in our family and our needs. I can’t say enough about how lovely she was to deal with. I learned so much from her prior to getting the puppy and even after we took him home because I know she wants to see both Ripken and my family happy. Thank you for being so good to us Lesley and family. You made our puppy dreams come true:) The Laporte Family