Enhanced Training Program

We are excited to provide an Enhanced Training program, which is taken from the research and expertise of Kim Paciotti CPDT-KA, CDT, APDT.  Kim founded the Empowered Puppy Program, which is what our Enhanced Training program is based on.  Kim and her partner have worked with and implemented early training to over 25 litters of golden retrievers, labrador retrievers and Bernese Mountain dogs.  

This training is started when pups are newborn and continues for 8-15 weeks, depending whether the puppy will be joining their family as a pet, or with intentions to be trained as a therapy or service dog. It is based on early concept training which teaches the puppies to think & understand, shapes their temperament and helps us develop a blue print for each individual puppy, thus teaching the pups to be calm, balanced and have enhanced brain connections.  The training begins before the puppies eyes and ears are even open, using scent training, Carmen Battaglia’s Early Neurological Stimulation training, Claudia Fugazza’s “Do As I Do” training, and imitation training taught by mom, litter mates and us as trainers.  

We incorporate this imprint training into every litter we have.

Some of these puppies will remain with us a little longer before they join their new families in order to fully implement all of the imprint training we have available.  

These puppies join their new families as well adjusted, calm, balanced pets to enjoy as  family companions as well as ready to continue their training for specific jobs in service or therapy work.   We set their foundation with scent training, temperament shaping, learning obedience and manners.   The puppies who are joining new homes as pets will be eligible to leave us between 8- 12 weeks of age, but the pups who will be trained for specific service work will be required to remain with us up to 15 weeks.  For working dogs, it is mandatory that a trainer is arranged and willing to communicate with us prior to the puppy leaving here, so we know a plan is in place for further training.  

  • Puppy will have received a temperament assessment, and personality test and taught individual skills built around the outcome of the test, and the new family will be given suggestions for continued training based on the results of the personality test
  • Scent training and water activities will assist in shaping temperament
  • Puppy will learn body awareness using fun and creative methods
  • Socialization (age appropriate)
  • Lots of exposure to water, activities and movement in water
  • Introduction to Crate training 
  • Various scent associations are used with training
  • Gross motor activities including up & down stairs
  • Imitation training  (via the pup’s mom, other pups in litter, us and even using videos for the pups to watch)
  • Introduction to basic focus skills 
  • basic obedience such as sit, lay down, wait, and come (it’s important to note that puppies all learn at different rates, some will learn more than what is listed, while others will need the entire time to learn the basics)
  • Puppies will have routine veterinary care and vaccinations while in our care included in the purchase price, as well as a 2 year health guarantee
  • Life long support and resources
  • 12 and 15 Week Programs Include All of the Above PLUS:
  • extended crate training and extended outdoor potty training (puppy will have a solid foundation around crate training and outdoor potty by the time they join family)
  • daily routine and bedtime will be well established
  • exposure to on-leash walking
  •  smell associations
  •  imitation early concept training
  •  basic obedience-building on what has been introduced in the foundation program
  • focus training (learning to watch the handler, attention building skills)
  • .puppy will join us for age appropriate community visits, gaining puppy’s confidence with sights, sounds, new people
  • regular play in water and water activities, building confidence, thinking skills (Please note, this helps with vehicle motion and often reduces incidences of motion sickness)
  • This program is designed to give pet puppies the strong foundation they require, with healthy brain connections imprinted so they’re ready for their new families to continue training with them. 
  • The 12-15 week programs are excellent for busy families or mature individuals since the initial work of crate and outdoor potty training is well under way by the time pup joins their family. 
Early Scent Training … notice eyes aren’t even opened yet
Sensory Stimulation at 5 days old
Exposure to Water – pups get comfortable with movement and more sensory experiences at a very early age
Sight and sound play
Learning to sit, lay and stand via videos on tv … then we practice while we play

Water exposure makes puppies comfortable with movement & decreases incidences of motion sickness by nearly 100%

8 week old puppies sitting, waiting, and watching

Brain games are important to stimulate their minds

Big Brother Fletch watches a Gracie pup get 1st de-wormer. He is a great role model to the pups !