Our Golden Family

 The dogs in our breeding program have had hips, elbows, eyes and heart exams, and genetic testing prior to being cleared for breeding. They are fed quality Royal Canin Golden Retriever kibble and are given daily supplements.  Each of our goldens lives as part of a family, we are not a kennel based program. Goldens thrive on relationships and company, they don’t like to spend time alone for long periods.   

The Girls

Piper– Piper is our beautiful girl who came to us from YoungCountry Golden Retrievers. We’ve been honoured to have been trusted with receiving her full registration, which means we will have breeding rights to carry on her temperament, bone structure and pigmentation for many generations of GSGR pups to come. Piper’s info to date is here: https://k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=1090386

Gracie – our very loving St. John’s Ambulance Therapy Dog. This gorgeous girl also loves to retrieve. She has a natural instinct to retrieve, as well as trained service dogs in generations before her. This girl thrives on attention and can’t get close enough to anyone playing with her. She is emotionally sound with a very stable, gentle disposition and is highly motivated to please and learn. Gracie’s pups are very popular, one of her boys is our Fletch, who we hope will be a stud dog for us in the not-so-distant future. She also has several puppies who are receiving extended training as therapy or service dogs. Our families with Gracie’s pups are thrilled to tell us how beautiful their temperaments and personalities are. Find Gracie’s complete info here: http://k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=964916

Chloe – This pretty girl made her debut in the puppy show ring, and continues to turn heads with her gorgeous looks!  Even as she grew to an adult, she has kept that teddy bear look.  Chloe is highly motivated to work for rewards that include attention and play and loves to interact with people of all ages. She is extremely tolerant of any type of interaction with other dogs and loves to play with the puppies. We welcomed Chloe’s 1st litter of pups early in 2020 and look forward to watching them grow and meeting her new litters in the future. Find Chloe’s complete info here: http://k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=9945

Shiloh – Despite us calling her “Shy” for short, she is a very friendly girl who loves attention and other dogs. She brings brand new pedigrees to our breeding program and we look forward to the beautiful puppies she will bring to our golden family. Shy’s current info can be found here: Pedigree: SHANBRO’S PINK SENSATION (k9data.com)

Peach – Peach is a girl from Bravo and Gracie’s very 1st litter. She is currently in training with The Phoenix Canine Initiative with hopes to become a Certified Therapy Dog very soon. She’s a lovely combination of both her parents, in both looks and temperament. We look forward to welcoming her 1st litter of pups this fall. Peach’s current info can be found here: Pedigree: GSR Sweet Peach Blossom (k9data.com)

Indie – Our pretty little girl, Indie is from Bella and Bravo’s litter of pups. She has a sweet, calm temperament and the petite features that her mom has, but her dad’s full coat. A very happy girl who is eager to play and socialize. Indie’s info to date can be found here: https://k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=1090397

The Boys

Bravo – our big beautiful boy and Canadian Conformation Champion! Bravo loves being around people and his friendly disposition makes him a very popular member of our clan.  Don’t let his big feet and blocky head fool you though, he’s 100% teddy bear as far as his personality goes. Bravo is a fast learner and is driven to please. Some of his recent pups are being trained in psychiatric service, CNIB, PTSD and autism service. Here is Bravo’s info: http://k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=994582


Fletch is our Bravo and Gracie’s son. He is a darker red than both his parents, and has the large bone structure, broad head and big feet like his stunning father does. His registered name is “GSR A Boy’s Best Friend” and he spends his days living up to his name. We look forward to Fletch being a stud for our breeding program, once his health clearances are complete in 2021. Fletch’s current info can be found here: http://k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=1090393