Service or Therapy Dogs

Golden retrievers are one of the favorite breeds of service dogs due to their gentleness, trainability, loyalty and intelligence.  Service dogs are given specialized training to help  individuals live fuller, more independent lives. This takes a very special kind of dog and retrievers are favoured due to their natural caring, gentle dispositions.

However, not every dog is created equal, and simply being part of the Golden Retriever breed doesn’t automatically mean every golden is suited for the important task of service provider or therapy dogs.   Some of the dogs in our breeding program have a head start in the screening process due to their extremely calm, quiet, confident nature.  If you or someone you know are interested in obtaining a puppy to be trained as a service dog, we will be able to help navigate you through your journey of finding a puppy perfectly suited for this very important job.  We are connected with an organization which will provide on site puppy profiling of the litter, assessing potential pups in the litter and assist prospective service dog clients in choosing the  right pup for the right person.