Preparing for Puppy

We often get asked what families need to purchase in order to prepare for their new pup. Since we have families from near and far purchasing puppies from us, I found it was easiest to cut and paste links to in the bodies of emails to our families. Since we are getting these questions on a regular basis, I have recently included this page to the website, to link families to our recommended products via which makes it simple to order and receive regardless of where our puppy families live. Just click on the links next to each item explained below .

  1. Stainless Steel Food Dish and Water Bowl: Stainless steel is preferable since it’s easy to clean and disinfect.

2. Crate: We suggest purchasing one large crate with a divider, instead of purchasing several smaller crates that will outgrow your puppy. This will save you money and allow the puppy to get used to one crate which will grow with him/her. Our early training revolves around crate introduction and we highly encourage our families to purchase one and have it ready the day your new puppy comes home.

Designer Crate is another option for decorative areas of your home.

4. Crate bed liner: We suggest machine washable and durable for little chewers.

5. Dog Bed: (for outside the crate) We like to buy the extra large size and let the puppy grow into it, saves money instead of buying several as the puppy grows. We’ve learned the hard way it’s better to buy machine washable covers and durable for chewers.

6. Play Yard: these are essential for the early weeks of crate and potty training, we use the yard to slowly expand the puppy’s play space outside his/her crate. It’s also a safe place to put puppy when you can’t supervise constantly. We use a play yard to surround our puppy play living area when they leave the whelping bed.

7. Harness and collars: Your new puppy will need a new collar as he/she grows. Retrievers tend to pull when walked on leash, and if an inexperienced handler or child is leading them, their pulling can potentially damage the puppy’s wind pipe. We recommend using a harness when being walked by inexperienced or young handlers or to simply help the puppy get used to being attached to a leash, as it’s less distracting since you can attach it between the shoulder blades and out of sight compared to a collar where it’s in plan view for the puppy. Your puppy will be approximately 12-16 lbs when joining your home, so purchase a harness in that weight range. Your puppy will likely fit into a collar that measures 10-12 inches.

8. Collars:

8. Leash:

9. Travel Water Bottles:

10. Doggy Bags: Don’t forget to scoop if your puppy poops ! These are the ones we prefer to use, since they are biodegradable and better for our environment.

Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags (400 Bag) by Purrpet Pets 1 Holder Included

11. Toys: Our favorite brands are KONG and NYLABONE, they’re safe and durable.

KONG Classic Dog Toy, Durable Natural Rubber- Fun to Chew, Chase & Fetch- for Large Dogs … (2 Pack)
KONG Dog Toy

f11. Clean up: Accidents Happen, be prepared so it won’te alarming when the inevitable takes place from time to time

12. Grooming:

Nail Clippers

13. Vehicle Seat Covers

NuVet Supplements

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