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Bravo “CH Shanbro’s Second Chance”

Bravo is our Canadian Conformation Champion. But more important is his sound temperament and friendly disposition. He is currently training with The Phoenix Canine Initiative to become a Therapy Dog with Public Access so he, along with his handler, will provide therapeutic visits to front line workers and first responders.

Bravo has produced many litters of puppies and adds broad skull and bone, friendly eyes, large paws, and a beautiful dark golden and red toned coat, and a smooth gait to his off spring.

His health clearances are complete and his info can be found on his K9 data page and OFA


Fletch is a son to Bravo and our Gracie. He shares his father’s large, broad skull and is complimented wherever we go for his handsome appearance, and more importantly his sound temperament and love of people and other animals.

Fletch is brand new to our breeding program, as he’s just turned 2 and completed all his breeding-related clearances. We look forward to welcoming his first litter of pups to our breeding program this fall.

Fletch’s breeding clearances can be found on K9 data and OFA page:

Stud services are available to established and reputable registered golden retriever breeders, with health clearances completed and passed on their females. For more information, please contact us at