Puppy Application

We hope that we have given you enough information to make a confident decision in reserving a puppy with us.  Please feel free to call or email if you have any questions!

When you decide that Glenannon Station Retrievers is the right choice for you, please fill out our on-line application form.  We will review it and be in touch with you within 48 hours.  Once approved, you can etransfer your deposit to us and we will reserve your puppy, or families are always welcome to visit us, meet our golden family and pay cash or etransfer deposit at that visit.  After your deposit has been received, we will email you a receipt and a copy of our puppy sale contract.  We will be in touch when the puppies arrive to confirm with our reserved families.  We will also email you regarding feeding your puppy, supplements and what to purchase to be ready for your puppy’s homecoming.  We want to provide you a puppy and lifelong support!

NEW – Enhanced Training Program: Training from birth based on early concept training which teaches puppies to think & understand, shape their temperament and helps us develop a blue print for each individual puppy, thus teaching the pups to be calm, balanced and have enhanced brain connections. These puppies will join their new families as well adjusted, calm, balanced pets to enjoy as  family companions as well as be ready to continue their training for specific jobs in service or therapy work.  

We offer 3 options when purchasing your puppy … PLEASE VISIT OUR ENHANCED TRAINING PAGE FOR MORE INFO: https://gsrbelmore.com/new-enhanced-training-program/

Option 1: Our 8 week enhanced learning program is $2500 + HST.  These are our pet puppies who remain with us until they are 8-9 weeks old. We require a $300 deposit to reserve a puppy, which is non-refundable unless WE cannot provide a puppy for you within one year of your deposit.   Our puppies are born in our home, and their health and development is a priority the entire time they’re with us.  We spend all our time with our puppies, and they are raised with developmental strategies from the time they are newborn, receiving early stimulation and socialization to establish positive brain connections.   By the time puppies join their new families, they will have been exposed routinely to water activities, scent training, socialization, behaviour training, and an introduction to crate and house training.  Our puppies also receive personality and temperament assessments, which help us train the individual puppy and make sure the puppies are matched well to their new families. The puppies are sent home with their Individual Personality Guide along with a DVD regarding temperament shaping, positive training and building a bond with puppy. Our puppies are sold with CKC non-breeding contracts.

Option 2: Our 12 Week Enhanced Learning Program is $5000 + HST. It starts with the 8 week program above and builds on what we’ve started such as extended crate training and extended outdoor potty training, smell associations, imitation early concept training, basic obedience and focus training. This program is designed to give pet puppies the strong foundation they require, with healthy brain connections imprinted so they’re ready for their new families to continue training with them. The 12 week program is excellent for busy families since the initial work of crate and outdoor potty training is well under way by the time pup joins their family.

Option 3: Our 15 Week Enhanced Learning Program is $6500 + HST. It includes everything in options 1&2 and adds more specialized, intermediate training suitable for puppies 12 weeks and older. Pups who are purchased as pets or potential service dogs fall into this category and families are given pick of the litter selection, either under the advisement of our own screening and assessments or with the help of the family’s service dog trainer. Included in this price are all phone, email and face to face (in our home) consultations with the trainer who will be looking after specialized training of the pup. Sometimes the pups are ready to join their families & begin specialized service training prior to the age of 15 weeks, but the price is the same regardless, due to the family’s priority selection of pick of the litter.