Puppy Application

OUR CURRENT RESERVATIONS BRING US TO SUMMER OR FALL OF 2022. AT THIS TIME WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING RESERVATIONS. We thank you for your interest in our puppies and invite you to check back frequently for updates.

We hope that we have given you enough information to make a confident decision in reserving a puppy with us.  Please feel free to call or email if you have any questions!

In order to reserve with us, please fill out our on-line application form.  We will review it and be in touch with you within 48 hours.  We will email you our puppy contract and ask you to provide a reservation deposit.   We keep in touch every step of the way – from breeding to the arrival of puppies and confirmation that we have a puppy for you.   We provide lots of information ahead of your puppy’s homecoming regarding feeding, transitioning the puppy to your family, and training. We want to create a relationship with our puppy families and not only provide you a with a puppy, but a new family member and friendship!

Each of our puppies is raised as part of our Enhanced Training Program: Our Enhanced Training Program is based on the Empowered Puppy Program http://Empowered Puppy School and Puppy Culture http://puppy culture video Both focus on early concept training which teaches puppies to think & understand, shape their temperament and helps us develop a blue print for each individual puppy, so when pups join their families we send them home with a report card which will help to train the individual puppy, not a blank slate and one-size fits all approach. In their time spent with us, we work with the the pups to create positive brain connections. We set them up optimally for beginning their lives with their new families in pet homes or service training.

PLEASE VISIT OUR ENHANCED TRAINING PAGE FOR MORE INFO: https://gsrbelmore.com/new-enhanced-training-program/

The price of our pet puppies is $3500 + HST.   Puppies remain with us until they are 8 weeks old. We require a deposit to reserve a puppy, which is non-refundable unless WE cannot provide a puppy for you within one year of the puppy’s expected arrival.   Our puppies are born and raised in our home, and their health and development is a priority the entire time they’re with us.  Puppies are raised with developmental strategies from the time they are newborn, receiving early stimulation and socialization to establish positive brain connections.   By the time puppies join their new families, they will have been exposed routinely to water activities, new scents, sight and sound socialization, massage, and puppy yoga and an introduction to crate, potty and behaviour training.  Our puppies also receive personality and aptitude assessments, which guide us in working with them and serve as a blue print for families when choosing and carrying on with teaching their pups at home. The puppies are sent home with their individual report card to facilitate the transition to their new homes and training. We also register our pups for 6 weeks of complimentary pet insurance. Our puppies are sold with CKC non-breeding contracts.

In addition to the above, we offer an additional 1 week of additional imprinting, including daily routine -crate and outdoor potty intro, and these pups join their new families at 9 weeks of age, with the initial basic training transition introduction completed. Our charge for this additional week is $850.00 + HST.

PICK OF THE LITTER PUPPY PRICE IS $4500 + HST : These are the pups who will go on to further their training as service dogs, in which certain character and aptitude attributes are required.

Factors to consider when deciding if you are truly ready and able for puppy raising:

-frequent interruptions to your day (going outside for potty breaks every 10-15 mins when puppy is awake)

-constant supervision of the puppy during awake times

-willing to accept some long/sleepless nights initially

-listening to crying/barking while puppy is crate training

-several short sessions of formal training EVERY day, plus being creative with implementing training into regular play and routines.

-willingness to take puppy for car rides when you’re going on short outings

-willingness to take puppy with you on weekend trips or a reliable person to puppy sit

-willingness to be ok with being “tied down” to a puppy

-lots of time to devote to puppy raising

-what are distractions in your home that will increase the stress of puppy training? (A few to consider are young children, home business, work at home)

-physical ability to get up and down ALOT, get down on floor to play, move quickly for potty breaks

-ability to get outside easily for potty breaks (ie. do you have other pets or young children who can’t be left alone inside, or do you live on the 10th floor of an apartment building)

-weather- are you ok with standing in the rain, dark, hot sun, snow, etc multiple times a day/night for potty time

-are you realistic that even if you have children/teenagers, chances are it’ll be the parents in the house doing the bulk of the work?

-do you have upcoming surgeries or procedures that could interfere with you being able to raise the puppy?

-willingness to play outdoors, no matter the weather

-willingness to go for daily walks, regardless of how busy/tired you are

-you understand that puppies are active and get into things ALOT, picture perfect periods of sitting on your lap and snuggling are often few and far between in the early months

RESERVATION LIST IS CURRENTLY CLOSED. Please check back here for updates, to give us time to re-evaluate litter sizes and hopefully have an accurate idea of when to start accepting reservations again.