Planned Litters

Early brain connections, stimulation and development are very important to puppies, just like human babies.  We are highly appreciated for providing families with a socialized, stimulated puppy with a solid foundation of positive brain connections and development.  We start Early Neurologlical Stimulation at the age of 3 days old.  Soon after we begin the ENS, we also start our Early Scent Introduction. Once this is complete, we compile our observations of the pup’s reactions to each scent and the results give us insight into each pup’s personality, temperament and learning style. From there, we can work with the pups during their remaining time here. We aim to calm our confident pups, and teach our less confident pups to be more confident. Pups will be handled and cuddled daily, increasing time as they age and their mom permits. As they mature, they will be provided with tactile items, toys, and new experiences to explore daily.  Our pups are socialized age appropriately and taken for car rides to lessen the stress of the ride home.   The first 16 weeks of a puppy’s life are the most formative and crucial for life-long well being and we make sure to devote our time and energy into making the most of those early weeks they are with us.  Families can be assured they are receiving a puppy at optimal readiness for life!

Upcoming Litters…

We have several litters planned for 2021, but due to the popularity of our puppies and developmental imprinting program, current pet puppy reservations will be waiting until the arrival of litters in early 2022. There will be some availability for pick of litter puppies over this coming year. Pick of litter pups are recommended for pups who will be trained as working service dogs.

Please visit our Puppy Application Page for information on how to reserve one of our puppies.

Please view our Golden Family page for pictures.

puppy sleep

Sept/18 Bella&Summit Litter

Gracie/Bravo Puppies
Bella x Bravo male pup
Gracie x Bravo pup
Bella x Bravo pup
A Chloe girl, age 4.5 weeks
A Chloe Boy, 5.5 weeks old