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How much does the average Golden Retriever weigh? Males typically weigh between 75-80 lbs, and females are slightly smaller at 60-65 lbs.

What are their coats like?  One of the most admired physical appearances of the Golden Retriever is their multi-length coat.  During colder months they have a thick undercoat and a longer, water repellent outer coat with beautiful feathering on the chest, tail, back of thighs and forelegs.  Goldens can vary from a very light cream to dark gold, to even a red coat.  All variations are considered normal and equally desirable, it is completely up to individual preference.

Are Golden Retrievers smart and easy to train? Well-bred and properly socialized Goldens are extremely trainable and versatile.  Goldens not only make unsurpassable family companions, but are also employed as guide dogs for the blind, service dogs for the disabled, are superb hunting dogs, and excel in the show rings.


  • What kind of training is best for Goldens? Our favorite references to puppy training are perfectpaws.com and puppyculture.  If possible, taking some obedience classes or private professional training with your pup is extremely beneficial. Please remember that puppy training requires dedication and consistency and will not be perfected in a short amount of time.  Sending consistent messaging and making sure everyone in the family is on-board with sticking to rules is absolutely necessary.  Treats make all the difference !!!  Puppies are adorable, but they are also a lot of work.  In the end the reward of a well trained, good mannered dog are definitely worth all the hard work, but it’s important to consider all the time and energy that basic training will take.
  • Will our puppy come with a health guarantee?  YES.  Our dogs are our family and their health is our priority.  We also want their new families to rest assured that we are providing them with a happy, healthy new family member.  We provide a 2 year health guarantee plus an extra year,  if  the dog is provided quality dog food & supplements, regular veterinary care, and specific medical stipulations are met.  Please ask us for more details!
  • Can we visit our puppy while we’re waiting for him to turn 8 weeks and come home with us? We understand that it’s exciting to learn you’re getting a new puppy and the wait can be very long, however, it’s also very important that we keep our puppies healthy and with their mom as much as possible during the first weeks.  We offer one visit to meet your puppy. This is to ensure the best health for our pups.  Our dogs are our family and their health is important to us and it’s also important that we guarantee all our customers with puppies free of sickness and diseases, but we can’t do that if we’re having people coming and going from our kennel frequently and prior to puppies being vaccinated.  We also ask that you don’t visit other kennels the day of your scheduled visit, as an extra precaution to prevent the spread of illnesses.  Thanks to digital technology at our finger tips, we will be able to provide pictures of our litters and your chosen pup frequently.  Once you have chosen your pup, if you have a name chosen we will use it so your puppy starts to recognize it.
  • What do we need to purchase for our new puppy? We recommend a good sized crate, a collar, leash, a bed, and some good quality chew toys.  Since your puppy is going to grow quickly,  don’t bother buying a small crate.  It’ll save money to just buy one, and you can place a divider in it to make it smaller and continue to move the divider to accomodate your growing pup.  We also recommend a good quality food and supplements.  All our dogs and pups are fed TLC Whole Life Dog Food.      The formula of this food delivers the ultimate balance of quality meats, fats, vitamins and minerals.  It’s considered a meat-first diet of fresh and natural ingredients and you will be able to literally see the results … a healthy, shiny coat, allergy protection, protection from obesity, and as an added bonus, less stool volume so not as much output to clean off your lawn !!  Your puppy will go home with a treat bag and samples of this food and a coupon to start your own account that includes free home delivery !  If you are interested in purchasing this home delivered, freshly made food now, you can follow the TLC Whole Life Dog Food link above and use our breeder code # 76703-1025.  You will receive a discount off your 1st purchase too !  Most of our supplies are ordered from Amazon.ca and we have included a list of  our favorites.  You can click on the link below and connect with your amazon.ca account and the items will be delivered quickly to your door 🙂
  • What About Vitamins and Supplements?  All our dogs and pups take NuVet vitamins and supplements daily.  Your pet deserves the best. Give your love back with #NuVetPlus – Watch the video to learn how #NuVetPlus can help your pet. Learn more about @NuvetLabsOfficial products at https://www.nuvet.com/45049.  If you want to order now, please use our breeder code # 45049.
  • Will our puppy be provided with any training before coming to live with us?  YES!!  Early brain connections, stimulation and development are very important to dogs, just like human babies.  We pride ourselves in the fact that we will be providing families with a socialized, stimulated puppy with a solid foundation of neurological pathways and development.  We will start Early Neurologlical Stimulation at the age of 3 days old.  Pups will be handled and cuddled daily, increasing time as they age and their mom permits. As they mature, they will be provided with tactile items, toys, and new experiences to explore daily.  The pups will be socialized with new people and taken for car rides to lessen the stress of the ride home.  Puppies will be fully weaned from their mom and given the experience of sleeping solo in a crate in the days leading up to their arrival at their new home.  Very early in their lives, we introduce a sleep area and potty area in their living area, and this area will expand and change as the puppies grow and needs change.  With human children, the optimal and most crucial learning period for brain development is in the first 6 years of life, for puppies it’s a much shorter time frame – the first 12 weeks !  Since we spend the 1st 8 weeks with the puppy, we recognize how important our time with them is, and are dedicated to making the most of that time so families will receive a puppy with the optimal foundation for learning and life !
  • An additional service we offer is Puppy Imprinting for individuals or families who want to bring a puppy into their family but not the extra work puppies bring to the inital weeks in a household.  See our Puppy Imprinting page for more details !
  • For those who wish to take the surprise element of who their puppy will be out of the equation, or in the case of training a dog as a therapy or service animal, we offer a Puppy Profiling assessment to our service as well.